Timmy G


Banana Hammock

My late 90's latin/jazz/metal/experimental group.  Still have fond memories of this band, and  the music we played... in fact, in my current solo project Timmy G and the Melted Faces, we still play many of the tunes that I penned while in this group.  Some of the material is not for everyone, but I think the best songs have stood the test of time, and play just as well now as they did back then. 


A project that was active in the early 2000's, but that still rears its head to perform live every once in awhile.  This project follows along in the tradition of many other things that I've done, in that it's quite eclectic and genre-bending, but is much heavier and cinematic, thanks to the talents of the individuals involved.  Although we have  no current recordings of it, we do  mean "Star Wars" and "Castlevania" medleys live!